1717 Bissonnet

1717 bissonnet

Some people believe the property at 1717 Bissonnet has "always been residential" and not already commercialized, which is not true. Since it was first developed in the 1920’s, the south side of Bissonnet between Ashby and Cherokee has been predominately commercial and, to be fair, more recently multifamily and high-density single-family. Starting at the Cherokee alley and moving west, there was Gibson’s Garage and the U-Totem convenience store. Maryland Manor’s present driveway was the location of a Gulf Oil service station. At various times, the current apartment building contained a dry cleaner, laundromat, Jack & Jill Liquor Store, the original Frenchy’s restaurant, Segrato’s Grocery and the K-G Drugstore. It can be argued that just one of these retail uses (such as the convenience store, the gas station or the drugstore), were it still there today, would generate an equal or greater traffic impact on the surrounding streets than our building. A myriad of commercial uses along the north side of this same stretch of Bissonnet continues to this day. The same block of Sunset also had a number of shops, the Sunset Food Market (which later became the original Ouisie’s restaurant), and two gas stations.

Buckhead Investment Partners Inc. believes what we are proposing will serve as an amenity to this neighborhood (and the City), offering a lifestyle alternative to residents that they would otherwise have to leave the neighborhood to find.